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When I was 13...
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So when me female was 13 I LOVED to masturbate then I found that my religion was unclear if it was a sin or not so is it normal I still want to do it as a grown woman
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do what you want don't listen to religion
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It is your body, do with it as you please!
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Don't listen to any religion which tells you giving yourself pleasure is a sin: that's just an attempt to control your sexuality to make you more obsessed with religion.
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Playing with yourself is the second best way to please yourself. Having someone else play with your body is number one. Enjoy it while you can.
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Any religion that says it's wrong is very much wrong.
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just play with your pussy and enjoy it
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If I was fortunate enough to have a vagina, I would be playing with it all day. Vaginas are gorgeous and they need lots of pleasuring. Keep masterbating and I hope you also use a nice long, fat, soft but firm latex dildo. They are divine.
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What has religion got to do with it
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How old are you now ?
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post a pic of your clit
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