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I am at a quandry because advertising and marketing women's products seem to overlap each other and one advertisment proclaims that this is what you need whilst the other predicates the oposite. So exactly what is normal or average?
Tampons or pads and why do you so prefer one against the other.
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Comments (6)
I don't understand why you're so fixated on advertising.

It's going to be a different preference for different people.
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I have red and re-read my posting yet still can not see where it indicates I am fixated on advertising. I should read it again. The point is, supermarket sheves are overflowing with an absolute multitude of choices.
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Because different people prefer different things.

You can't be telling me you don't see a range of choices in other products or that you don't see different brands talk about how good gheir own brand is and how shit other brands are. That's what advertising IS.

And, realistically speaking, there are only two options with different brands. That's not quite the same as a multitude of choices. Most women will find what works for them through trial and error.
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Well said, my smart woman of good sense. I prefer Australia. Yay Australia.
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It's what you prefer. I personally choose tampons because a pad feels like a diaper and nasty to ha e your vagina sitting in blood all day... plus it probably smells...
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Ummm . I don't use tampons yet , but hope to when I can .
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