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White girls such freaks? (in the good way)
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When it comes down to it, white girls are the biggest freaks. Black, Mexican, Spanish, and Asian girls usually got boundaries and aren;t dat kinky. But white girls have all kinds of freaky sh*t they hide from the world and only let out when they in da bedroom.
Why is this? Why is white chicks so damn horny and such freak-a-leeks?
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Comments (15)
Ya, white girls are total freaks. If I ever go out for a quick f*ck, 9/10 times its a white girl, and 99%% of the time she be freaky
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Imma Doctor

I think white girls are like that because they are lacking in other areas like booty and dancing
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what are you talking about? Most white girls can dance...`
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you guys had better stop such talk.all the little jealous boys in here that aint getting any will start making lame attack posts against you.
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Well those little jealous boys can get over it. White girls are freaks, and if the day ever comes when they get any, they'll realize it
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mmm... white girls
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I'll f*ck any colored girls, It Doesnt Matter.
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hey im a white girl!
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Haha, kinkykurt got banned! I didn't know anyone actually got banned
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Im a white girl, and I got 32 bs tits haha and a big booty, so I am not lacking there, "imma doctor" which I doubt you are. I like to think of myself as a freak! Yay lol...
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Married white girl. Only one man in my life. And I'm a freak. Best of both worlds! :)
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Well not all white grils are freaks,
some girls suck at sex,

but its the lil girls that are freaks

im deff a freak when it comes down to the bedroom its good sex , or rather you have boring dule ass sex?? you tell me
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I actually think the reason white girls are more seemingly liberated is because they have been allowed to express their sexuallity way longer than her Black counterpart and other women from other ethnic groups..Not very long ago Blacks we're told who they could have sex with and this was only for breeding purposes only that would produce another helping hand on the plantation..I know this is upset some of you especially thoose that would like to think this never occured, but it's so true..The white wasn't forced to work just to manage the house and simple afairs leaving her with more than enough energy to raid the stables
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