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White spots on foreskin
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I am 14 & uncircumsized and have white spots on my foreskin, they are seperated and small but they're there in a patch, just this one small patch. It seems like it's going away. It's not hair follicles. I don't want my penis to look ugly, so I was wondering if there is any cure or if it will just go away. They are like 3/4-1mm in diameter if that helps. Any thoughts?
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they are called fordyce lumps or spots, totally normal im 22 now and have had them since around the age of 12 they dont go but are fine search it on google
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I would prefer to have a normal comment. And it's not lepracy, my penis isn't green dipshit, what do u think i'm a lepracon? please, normal help.
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Dude, I have the answer. I have saved you. Pulled out the site from []


On my penis, I have little white spots underneath my foreskin.

What is it? I've been too embarrassed to go to my doctor.


Little white spots under the foreskin are either normal - just little glands - or they are an infection.

The commonest kind of infection there comes from your own skin and is called thrush. It's a fungal infection and is easily cleared up with the right cream.

Usually if it's thrush there'll be a redness and itch around them, but not necessarily. This is obviously causing you concern, so I think you do need to go and see the GP and get checked to see whether or not this is something that needs treated. Of course it's embarrassing, but it's much better to be reassured so that you can stop worrying.

Yours sincerely

Dr Bob Leckridge, GP
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Don't listen to greatgoogliemoogli or irisheyes. Go see a doctor!
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