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Why am I farting all the time?!?
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For the past 15 minutes and while typing this I have farted about 14 times. Honestly its funny but gets really annoying...and smelly. It's not the food I eat, because my diet hasn't changed. I know theres such thing as just 'being gassy' but what is this??
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Comments (13)
Fart attack.
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Must be something you ate...
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Umm... I Seem To Have The Same Problem... Its Really Annoying Because I Am 13 & Have School... In Class I Fidget Alot Because Sometimes I Can Tell If Its Going To Be A Noisy Fart... But Most The Time Its Silent... Its Smells But The People Around Me Dont Seem To Notice... Its Really Embarrasing Though. I Have No Problem At Home Because My Little Brothers Farts & His Are Always Noisy... Hes Like "I Fink I Just Farted" Hes Really Cute, Only 4 Years Old. Hah... But Anyway.. Its Nothing To Do With Diet... I Think It Must Be The Digestive System Having Some Trapped Air Or Something... ?
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you could be lactose intolerant, I am and that's what happens to me when I don't take medicine
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Lol, I know someone who's been farting non-stop for three weeks now. Whenever I smell it, I'm like, "Did you fart again?" And she's like, "Duh." xD. I think it has something to do with this prescription medicine she's taking but I'm not so sure.
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Hahaha! I needed that, that really purked me up! Thank you Mystery Farter! :D

I think you'll live.
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MR. fart!
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OMG u know what would be funny if you became a manager and when u call people over fart, then tell the employee what you expect of them, they cant walk away and yet you just farted. Briliant plan
Comment Hidden (show) i don't think that is normal....
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yea normal
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Onions, garlic and sweet potato can make u fart n stink more
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Esp sweet potato
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I fart all the time too and they are loud but dont smell too bad. Be proud of your gas lol
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