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Why can't I bruise?
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I don't think I eat anywhere near right, I'm not fat and I am constantly getting hurt, but not bruising which is weird because I used to bruise really easily when I was little. Anyway non-bruising is now kinda becoming a problem or, to be more precise, if I could bruise again I might be able to fix a problem. So anyone know how to make me bruise again?
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get a friend to whack you in the face with a shovel.
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you don't bruise easily because you have bruised alot. and seeing how you said that you get hurt, you aren't really trying to bruise yourself. you've developed a resistance to bruising, but not pain, so you never really got hurt that bad. so if you want a bruise, you'd either have to cause some internal damage, like fracturing an arm or tearing a muscle, or you'll have to cosmetically apply one (makeup).
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I'm pretty pale, in good shape, do not eat that well, bmi of 17, when I was 7 my older sister fell on me and broke my colar bone, no bruise. When i was around 12 i fractured my arm (first time snowboarding), didnt bruise. When i was fourteen i broke my hand falling off a bike, no bruise. Last year (sophmore year) in weight training a kid was rolling a 100 pound weight as i was standing by, it fell hit my shin and chipped the bone in my shin, not knowing that it was fractured/ (separated chunk of bone) i went 2 days before seeing the doctor, and still no bruise but a red mark. Out of the many times being hit by various objects i bruised once from a blow to the knee with a 45 mph pitch when i was around 13. I feel that i hav'nt developed a resistance. Haha but i have drawn on my toe with led lightly to make it appear to my coaches that i had really smashed my toe (which i did)
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It's normal not to bruise easily. You must have good genes. Bruising easily would be more concerning because of anemia or hemophilia. It's perfectly normal~
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we gave u the serum when u were a child and now it has taken effect we r coming 2 retrieve u if u lived along the others we could let u go but u have spoken u will be disciplined
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there are people that are the opposite, they bruise very easily. its just that they are more sensitive, you are less. sounds pretty normal to me.
but having said that, u might wanna ask a doctor, just in case.
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I haven't been able to bruise since I was six, and I told my friend to try and make me bruise, so he takes a disc from disc golfing and repeatedly hit me in the same spot on my right bicep over 80 times and kept going till the pain was to much for me to handle. and 2 days later it produced a bruise only a quarter inch in diameter. also when I was at the doctors getting my blood drawn the nurse screwed up and caused my vien in my left arm to completely rupture and even then I recieved no bruise, even though she said that I would get one that would cover my forearm and most of my bicep. or even a better example would be my car crash in a 1995 saturn twin cam in which the car rolled over 6 times crushing the roof and compacting me into the car, note this was at over 90mph. when i regained consciousness i was able to recline my seat and get out of the car and walk away with only a scratch on my hand and an incinerated nerve strand from my brain to my right elbow. when i arrived at the hospital the doctors asked if i was even in a car crash because there were no marks other than the small scratch. Normal? I don't think so one bit. what do you think?
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I used to bruise but the last time I can remember in my 36 years on this earth was when I tore my quad so there was internal bleeding. ive been beaten, got into fights, dropped an anchor on my bare feet, hit by a car. I have a bad diet and 86 kilos. I don't get sick either only when I was young I got flu and the sore throat (only when I drink too much, I get sniffles etc, guess if I don't drink then im a wolverine :)) I feel blessed and wonder why im so?
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Just got hit by a car on my way to University ( woman making a right turn from a stop sign). Nothing broken, no bruises either, nothing to show for the wonderful start to my day. Under my left eye is a little tender from where my cheek bone smacked the hood of her car, but nothing but some minor swelling. I almost never bruise. Never have broken a bone though I should have repeatedly. Injuries still hurt though and I'm pretty sensitive to heat.I've always been really fast at recovery though, be it sickness, intense exercise or injury.
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It's your type of skin. It's genetic. No one on one side of my family bruises at all. I think most kids bruise because their skin is thinner. I can get whacked to the point of heavy swelling but STILL not bruise. My grandmother, on the other hand, bruised if you touched her, like a delicate fruit.
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generalknowledge is wrong its just genetics
i also have this its great as a guy cause when we slug the shit out of each others arms the next day they have bruises i dont i call them bitches
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I have never had a bruise in my life.
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