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Why do I dream about a Cartoon Character?
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Everynight I go to sleep and I always Dream about a cartoon, in my little brothers fave. show Ben10 Alien Force. Its not Ben 10, its Kevin Levin. I dream about him everynight about him curling up to me and holding me around my waist. Do i have a problem? I think I may have a crush on this Character. But He's not real!!! Is it because I haven't had a boyfriend in 2 years? Or because he's my perfect boy? I don't know! But I need help!
please help!!!!
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well its normal in away cause i used to have dreams like this but they were way different
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Your dream is probobly an unconscious enotional brain making the situation that way because you try too hard to find the 'perfect man'. I got news for you, he don't exist. Make the most of the friends you have and encourage them to strive for perfection. They'll never achieve it but will get closer for the trying :)
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Yes, I agree with nearly. You are just horny... fuck around...
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2 words> seek help.
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you're seeking man. you want someone to be with you, and at the moment, part of you feels a state of desperation, where you dont care who it is. nothing in this world is normal. so dont be ashamed if you fit in with the world.
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Your brain chose a figure you'd recognize instead of creating a man from scratch. It happens. No worries.
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Your just a kid and you're feeling out life right now. Women are famous for changing their minds for no apparent reason ( THEY don't even know why, as your post proves ). No matter what anybody tells you, you're going to continue this pattern until your biology, maturity, or environment changes.
So... you're basically acting on your primitive emotions, like a monkey.
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Perhaps you have a latent sexual connection towards this character. Most dreams about a specific person or character that are reacurring Are usually sexually related when in REM sleep. I hope this helps your possible pyschiatric problem.

Eternaly yours Dr Learnerd I.A. Rachel
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you don't have a problem. when you don't have a boyfriend and no real person attracts your attention, it's natural to feel drawn to something familiar to you (especially to a cartoon character that you relate to). i am in the same boat and i have been for a few months now. i'm not worried about it. i'm sure i'll grow out of it. but, hey, while it's happening, why not enjoy it? =P
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i used to have the same kinds of things all up untill i was old enough to view pornographic images and at first i searched up some tthing called "hentai"/a japanese word meaning i think meaning cartoon pornography/but now ive seen the perfect woman for me so pretty much my replacement for those dreams was hentai. i would say to ask your parents to allow you to view pornograohy and search up this ben ten alien force hentai and include his name
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Its normal, i guess...i got the same problem except for flapjack. last night i had a dream i was going out with him. it was kool. then it but in a good way. i'm absolutely obsessed. I MEAN, LOOK AT MY USERNAME! i've absolutely gone insane for flapjack. its like any other crush i have. if i see him talkin to some girl, i get mad, of course. it is what it is.


don't sweat it.
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I do that with anime guys. Even when I'm awake I day dream about that kinda thing. lol. I don't think it's abnormal. It's just you dreaming about your perfect guy. There isn't anything wrong with that. :D
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Get into anime. There are way hotter anime guys to dream about. It's all good. I used to do that up until very recently, when my real prince charming came into my life. The urges just went away on their own.
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Yup! I love anime!
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Yes,I have the same problem with cody from total drama world tour I mean look him up.
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