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Why do I hate to be touched?
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Here I am 57 yrs old, have been married for almost 30 yrs, I have 5 children, 2 girls, then 1 boy, then 2 girls. ages are 29,28,27,23,17. I am on 3 different antidepression meds. And for the past few years I can't stand to be touched, by anyone. I even cringe when my 17 yr old daughter gives me a hug. my 23 yr old has been out of the county for 18 months and now that she is back home, she will come give me and her dad a kiss goodnight. she loves to kiss her dad on the top of his balding head. My husband thinks I'm on way too much meds, but my doctors says to stay with them. I can't stand to have ANYONE touch me. my husband and kids are starting to think I am crazy. HELP..anyone out there have a cure?
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Ever notice how anti-depressants make you even more depressed?

Well, I used to be drugged up all the time on at least 8 different medications a day. Every day. For over 10 years. I missed out on most of my childhood because I was too fucked up on prescriptions that the doctors gave me to be normal, and yet they were giving me the drugs so that I could be normal... just like a robot, just how they wanted me to be.

The thing that sucks about multiple anti-depressants is that most of the time, they can contradict each other and have side effects that are making things worse. Not to mention, it's highly expensive.

I'm only 22 years old, I'm not a medical professional. But from my own experience, being off of anti-depressants has actually made things much better. I can actually deal with my problems and fix them rather than delude them in a synthesized cloud of happiness that goes away as soon as the prescriptions wear off. So, I say you should get off the drugs, and go for some herbal teas and make some fun hobbies instead. And who knows, maybe a side effect of one of the prescriptions is causing you to be uncomfortable being touched.

But the touching thing is an important issue and your husband may be on the right track. You do need to be able to give your own children a hug with happiness.
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I`ve had the same problem ever since I came off antidepressants,I dont mind it because im not really a people person to begin with.For depression I would suggest a light psychedelic like LSD or shrooms.Introspective trips are the best cure for depression.
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More drugs will only alter the chemical composition of your body, unless it's gingo biloba or something.

Try exercising to get rid of the depression first. That seems to be the overlying problem.
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Have you ever heard of sensory integration disorder? Since my child has been diagnosed with it, I find it explaining a lot of my weird issues, including disliking touch. For her, we desensitize her by "brushing" her arms, legs, back, and feet. It is working wonders. I agree with all of the previous comments too.
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Well i am like this and it's simply just a trait that people have, although it's pretty
common in
people that have been... "touched"
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I think that this may be a side-effect from the meds. I find it interesting that this seems to have started after you took them. Your doctor wants you to take them, because it makes him money. These pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous. I urge you to try an herbal treatment instead. Good luck.
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