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Why do I like to like to lick girls asses
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Ever since I could remember,I have always enjoyed oral sex with women.I enjoy the taste of a nice clean pussy,and I now have worked my way up to her ass.I love eating my girls ass clean.My women has always been clean to a T.I do not understand this,and I almost think there is something wrong with me.She says it doesn't do any thing for her,but believe me her moans tell me different.I feel somewhat submissive when i do it.I fantasize about having 5 to 10 girls with their asses in the air,as I start at the 1st girl and work my way down to the last.tongue f**king each of their asses until they cum.Women are the most gorgeous things on this planet.Am I a dirty old man?Am I a pervert?Is this tame compared to others?Girls what do you think.
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o:my girl is very clean to---lol i love to lick her ass--and her pussy---just because she shits outof there does not mean its Covered in it 24/7
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ive never had my ass licked
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but its covered in shit man.. there is a perfectly good front door?!
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totally normal, I love girls assholes.
I like my gf's but only when she is a little boozy. It's a new relationship but I am sure she will say if she doesn't like it
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I don't always do it but when I am with a girl I really like I will eat her pussy and if it is clean down there I just can't resist licking her cute little ass hole and tongue fucking it. I'ts like the ultimate expression of love.
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its totally normal, i rim my girl all the time and she loves it
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nothing like making her feel wonderful... I love rimming and being rimmed... I rimmed a friend who we finally saw sexsually with my wife... I'm an ass man I guess.. but rimming him while he fucked her was a turn on... I stuck my finver in his butt and he came by a bucketfull.. surprised me to no end... much more than when he came in my wife.
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I lick my friend Juliana's butt when she's horny I take her panties off and lick her buttcrack sometimes her ass is sweaty and smelly
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i lick her ass more then her pussy it feels good for her and i like doing it then finger it,Im horny off to pornhub or we could swap pics
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I remember I fingered my cousins butt when she was asleep and i touched her butthole and licked it and then my fingers smelled like ass and then her I jacked off and cummed everywhere and smelled my fingers and they smelled cinnamon spicy sweaty dirty ass I was horny because her ass just made me horny ass fuck and the way it smelled and because she was a girl and it was such a nice booty and it stinks
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I love licking girls butts and I love smelling then to my friend would always let me smell her butt and it always stinks but I love it and her butthole is nice to
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