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Why do little kids always stare at me?
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I am a 22 year-old girl and I go to school two nights a week, and ever since I was 14 little kids ages 5-10 stare at me in public places, Its always the girls more often than the boys. the weird thing is they never smile or say anything, it annoys me a little bit. there was one time at school I was talking to my teacher about my grades and this little girl was standing across the hall way, she kept on looking at me, it was distracting me from my conversation with the teacher. and at a fast food restaurant, I was ordering my food and this girl about 10 years-old was standing next to me staring at me. do little kids stare at you? what is up with that? Is it normal?
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Little kids do that, its normal. Don't worry about it and if its usually girls they are probably admiring your looks or style. Kids minds are inquisitive , happened to me yesterday kid walking toward me stared at me from he saw me till I gave him good eye contact and smiled at him, then he snapped out of it and forgot about what he was thinking about me.
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Kids stare, it's what they do. I think they stare more at people who look different, but they will stare at people for whatever reason. I used to always get stared at by kids when I was younger. I guess that means I look kinda just average now... meh.
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Are your tits hanging out?
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Kids (and adults) stare at me too and it's obviously going to keep happening til the day I die. It drives me nuts. I wish I could smack the rudeness right out of them. Because of my extreme shyness I can't tell them to piss off or "Take a picture, it lasts longer". I really hate that about myself.
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I`m the same, with everything.
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I get that too. Kids and adults stare at me.
Thats´what you get for not dressing like everyone else and being 186 cm tall.
Me being skinny adds to the whole slenderness in black.
Having a blue and green fringe and tons of makeup does that.

With kids, I find it normal. The parents should tell them to not stare though.

Adults should learn how to behave properly. I´m not a bloody alien.
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@: (s)aint
you arent an alien, but you sure sound like you try your darndess to look like one.
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Blast a couple of the little bastards with your Phaser on "Explode" setting.
That will teach the other little street urchins a lesson.
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Kids stare at me too. If you make eye contact with them, they'll look away. Hope I helped :)
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yes, I get that a lot too.
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I hate when kids stare at me, kids to me are creepy and dirty and it pisses me off that their parents dont teach them manners. Golf club to the face should fix it.
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kids are little shits. if they stare at you just glare at them until they fuck off. if they keep staring just slowly walk towards them with a pissed off look on your face. they get scared shitless works erry time.
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