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Why do men avoid "pretty women"?
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Usually anyone beautiful is....well, not nice. but rarely this is not the case and some people are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, without trying, AND have a huge, honest loving heart and nice to everyone. Why do men avoid pretty, classy women?
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Comments (19)
thank you for the comments. i know this sounds terrible but i will be completely honest, sometimes i think that woman that arent so "pretty" have it easier. at least they get asked out! and not just stared at lol
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1. They assume they are out of their league.
2. They assume they have a boyfriend.
3. They assume they are bitches.
4. They assume they are stupid.
5. They assume they are sluts.

Obviously there are pretty girls who don't fit any of these, but let's be honest: many fit at least one.
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I'm sure they must think they are either out of their league or will prissy and high maintenance
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I don't want my heart broken by you saying No
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I'm a guy and I'm terrified of beautiful women!
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I think a lot of men think pretty women are bitchy and/or snobby, so they tend to avoid them... or they think they are way out of her league.
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A lot of beautiful women are high maintenance but that doesn't mean they are bitchy. I personally don't see a correlation because beauty and bitchiness. But I definitely see a correlation between beauty and the amount of time a girl spends getting ready in the morning.
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Gowilla is racist. It doesn't matter what the race is.
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BECAUSE they are scared. they feel like they have more of a chance with less attractive women. they think that beautiful women are not likely to give them the time of day, so they dont bother.
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I never understood it because I'll just go up to really attractive women because I know most men won't. Those men have no confidence and could probably land the girl if they weren't scared
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Men are intimidated by beautiful women bc they know we don't take no shit :)
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I don't agree about the most of them being rude...
They may have high standards, but they are not rude, I have talked to many really pretty girls, and they were really nice (Asian women, since most of my friends are Asian).
But I am also a little afraid of asking them.
Althought, there was a really beutiful Chinese girl, who asked me!
Really beatiful, you can see her photos on the Internet (no, not nude).
She broke my heart later...
But I don't think she was less nice than the other people, she was pretty warm-hearted.
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Your confusing them with 'high maintenance and trashy'...
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@: babaG
more over, do you even know the definition of sexist?

other than the fact you are probably googling it as I write this.

a sexism insinuation has no relevance to this.
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Some of us think we dont deserve good chicks cuz were not hot or ugly, others think they do but they know theyre gonna blow it, guys like me take the chance and see what happens. P.S.
the first two need some kind of girl-approachment clases
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I'm a guy and I feel like pretty girls are too good for me. But turn it around and say lots of "hot guy" are jerks but their is also the "hot guy" that's really nice and sweet (and obviously straight). So that might help you think about how us guys feel in the situation you described.
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come to my world its the opposite of what your thinking
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Asians are worth less by defult. I've hooked up with hot Asians. I think for a white man to date or marry an Asian is week.

I see how hot white or black women may seem like toouch of a challenge
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