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Why do men ignore women?
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Why do men think that it's OK to just ignore someone that is interested in them? What happened to acting civil? A simple, polite lie is FAR better than simply ignoring a woman! For instance, you could just lie and say you are busy instead of going ahead and ignoring that person.

And why do men think it's OK to ignore a woman's texts and calls for two weeks, and then call her? WHY do people do this? Did all the men get together and decide that they can do whatever they want?
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Comments (19)
I can see what you mean. If I actually trusted them to be there, then I wouldn't have to keep checking up on them. I wouldn't have to keep assuring myself that they are actually still interested in me. The thing is, tho, it's hard to trust that people will remain there, and that they won't just bail out.

Also, it seems that men don't really care about communicating as much as women do. Maybe that is just a man thing. IDK.

However, I have seen men that answer the phone EVERY time their wife calls. They are invested enough in the relationship that they will speak to her when she calls.

Is it wrong to expect someone to answer the phone when you call? It just seems like common human decency! No, we are not husband and wife, but shouldn't you answer the phone if someone calls you?

Or are you saying that I just make men uncomfortable? If that is the case, maybe I should just go ahead with girls, because I think that I'm an OK person, and I don't want to go ahead and change everything about me just so someone will answer the damn phone.
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I think women actually ignore men just as much
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With regards to your last sentence...

Men <i>can</i> do whatever they want. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I don't believe there's a wholesale answer to why men ignore women as there are lots of possible reasons. I ignore them because I am not interested in bending over backwards to delight and entertain them. I live my life on my terms, and that means exempting useless distraction.
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Everyone, thank you for all your helpful comments. For both girls/guys..... don't waste your precious time in figuring out things that DON'T HAVE AN ANSWER to begin with because both a girls/guys emotions towards not answering a call or text is something SILLY..... and should not be taken seriously!..... I'm a guy, and girls text me and call me even 8 times before I either text them back, call them or answer the phone....I HAVE NO REASON TO BE RUDE....I'M just very busy LIKE EVERYONE ELSE TRYING TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD... and when ever I answer I NEVER GIVE ANY DRAMA, AND I AM ALWAYS POLITE AND KIND AND NICE....... even when girls give me drama, and hang up on me because of their own reasons....I NEVER TAKE IT PERSONAL because "I FRANKLY DON'T CARE BECAUSE IT WON'T MAKE MY LIFE ANY BETTER OR WORSE."......Be Simple and Strive to be Happy.....Don't expect anything from anyone and try doing more than your best FOR YOURSELF ONLY......but don't be selfish either because doing good things every once in a while brings back good things also.....:):):)
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@: Feynman
Excuses excuses. Texting back a "hi" or a "I'm busy" takes less than a minute. Esecially since most modern phones have preset messages. All you have to do is click on it and hit send. I agree with the person above who said that ignoring texts just means that you're not invested in the relationship. The fact that someone would use the I'm busy excuse shows they're cowards who can't even be honest. Didn't mean to snap on you, but I'm so sick of this pathetic excuse. PS don't flatter yourself women with self respect will not give you any drama.
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Yea, but there are so many ppl out there who do this. Just when you think that you've found someone normal, they turn around and do this. Sometimes you've dated a person an entire month before they pull the "strategic ignore" move! It's like, you've already invested in the person!

I guess I have to just stop contacting those people, but GOD, they're EVERYWHERE!
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too much calling and texting doesn't leave anything to talk about when you do get together.

if you call or text him at work i am sure his boss doesn't like it.

personally, i don't know any men who do.
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You are right that guys are not the big communicators that women are.

I think that a lot of married women call their husbands too often and cellphones have made this so much worse than it use to be. It's a little disrespectful to call someone several times a day everyday whether they're male or female. I use to work in a male-dominated industry for years and all the guys who had girlfriends and wives that called them regularly while they were at work were teased harshly by their coworkers. Guys don't like phones - or at least most don't.

Only you know if you are making men feel uncomfortable. That's not something I can figure out from your post. I was just putting the question out there as something to ponder, just in case. A little self-refection is always good; it's like personality-maintenance.
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Yes. We all got together. Its a conspiracy. Ha, ha! Kidding. I think you are over-generalizing. Being ignored is rude. But if you are overwhelming people with texts in particular, maybe you do need to take the hint.
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it IS weird. i agree. i think it's something ingrained in our brains from our evolution, men are very attracted to what they cannot have. if you're opening yourself up that's great but cross the fine line and become too overbearing for that person and it's a big turnoff.

it's a fine line to walk and everybody's different. sry if it's infuriating it doesn't make sense to us either.
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I think it is rude and believe it or not men have alot to talk about. I work at a bar and you wouldn't believe the hours that men spend together conversing and gossipint with their "significant others" which in most cases happens to be other men.

I believe that men ignore women because they don't have a friendship bond with their mate. They have a sexual bond at best in most cases and believe a womans place is not in their personal life or their deepest thoughts. My advise is to marry someone that you have a friendship foundation with.
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maybe it is rude, but i think if someone ignores you, that you should take the hint and stop contacting them. at least you get to keep your dignity.
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As a matter of fact we did get together and decide to do whatever the hell we want.
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I am not a guy, I'm a married woman, but I would think that guys are not as obsessed with texting and leaving messages as some women are. They probably see that kind of behavior from woman as very high maintenance and something to avoid.

If you really want to understand why someone is acting a certain way, try to put your own frustration aside and try to see things from their perspective.

Why would someone avoid anyone's calls and texts?
Because they don't want to talk to them and they think that talking to them will be an uncomfortable experience.
Are you unknowingly making guys feel too uncomfortable to approach you in a casual, polite way?
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I agree with you 100%

.........… she do herself good and understand theirs a reason going home to yourself-if you know what I mean.
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OK. I will keep what you said in mind, because it makes sense; men don't like to talk as much.

I bet that in the future, I can come to a compromise with my future boyfriend. Maybe he will call more and I will call less. Anyway, it's about time to stop dating the one I'm dating now.
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I just wanted to say that when a man ignores you it really hurts especially if you have strong feelings for them. I think it unfair for them to ignore you. I would rather the person just be real and tell me how they feel.
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I don't think it's normal however it could be my generation. I have a guy I've known for 3 years and when we are together (he helps with my kids and my side business) I feel like there is some major sexual tension and chemistry. He has pulled away before but never ignored me like he is now. I flirted with him for the first time recently, he said it made him uncomfortable and poof, crickets. No more returning texts or my one phone call. I say grow a pair and have an adult conversation about it. Don't hide like a coward. I mean I would understand if I just met him, but after 3 years of friendship? Never had been physical either. I don't get it. Now, again it could be his age vs mine. There is a 15 year gap, and I am not a cougar. This is the first time I have ever been interested in a younger man. I know he cares for me, he just is too immature to communicate. It's been almost a month. I think at this point my ego is bruised vs anything else. Moving on. Guys, any suggestions on why this guy is willing to dump our friendship over 1 act of flirting? The flirting was a text which wasn't even bad. I would like to hear from late 20's early 30's please. Thanks!
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Men are jerks, LOL! Just kidding. Well some are jerks... other have their reasons, I guess.
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