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Why do my testicles do that?
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Whenever I get rockhard, my testicles disappear, and I am left with a loose bag of flesh. Some girls mind because some girls like having the twins strike their body.
Once I am finished, they descend back down.
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My balls do this wierd thing where they pulse or inflate and retract. Its like they're Alive!
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it would be a problem if they dont come out!
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sounds kind of weird but as long as you cum an the sperm are viable, they're doing their job right? u shouldnt have to worry about if girls like it or not, im pretty sure it doesnt matter to most of us
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Thats actually pretty normal. To some extent, all mens testicles pull closer to the body during sex. Yours just seem to do it to a greater extreme. Don't worry about it. If they work then your set.
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I've done some studying on this myself, because the same thing happens to me. It IS normal, if not beneficiary, for your testicles to do this. For one, it creates more tension on the testicles as to be able to release more, and go further. Also, It shortens the distance the semen has to travel before leaving the body. Really, it's just your body's way of preparing itself for release, and many men experience it differently. Ignore the trolls.
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You might have a hernia
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WTF are you on?
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i dunno what its called but your balls should onl y come out once in your life
you have a defect there :D
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I think theres a problem see your doc
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