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Why doesn't anyone want me?
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I know I'm not ugly, I'm tall and thin and I get called pretty a lot. But I've never been asked out, it seems like guys (and girls) all want something other than me.

Is there something wrong with me? Is it because I'm shy? Is it because I'm more on the goth side?

It's been like this since childhood. I feel like I'm always ignored for someone else. Even though I'm pretty and smart, I'm just not good enough for anyone else. No one even looks my way, I've always been single, and I DON'T KNOW WHY! I mean, people who are less attractive and not nearly as nice as me seem to always have someone on their arm. Why am I always so alone?
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^True. But I LOVE tall women. For some men, tall women are intimidating.

But looks aren't everything. Outgoing personalities and humor can easily overstep physical beauty. Sadly geeky weirdness can overstep humor. That's why I can't get a date. Lol
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confidence is HUGE. i've seen ugly, dumb girls (not calling you either) get so many guys, because of their confidence. be fun & have a positive attitude & you'll have the guys lining up(:
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Frankly, only you can answer that. I wouldn't agree with the previous poster. You're probably going through a phase where you happen to be low on self-confidence.

Have you talked to some of your friends about this? It may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but they'll be able to tell you better and give you some food for thought. Dating can be a brutally statistical exercise. If you meet 20 single men in a room and be nice and approachable to everyone, on average at least 1 of them would ask you for your phone number and ask you out on a date. So just go out and meet more people and you'll be OK!
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well make yourself more approachable,attitude wise theirs nothing wrong with being on the goth side some people find it more appealing and not all are creeps. either wait,ask yourself,or change yourself(i vote against the last 1)
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How tall? A lot of guys only go out with girls shorter then them...
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i know how you feel but thts not always the case and heyygirlheyy is right about that confidence but some boys just want sex wid a pretty girl buht not all boys are like tht some boys do see the good in a girl :)
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look girl, you may be "hot" and "smart" but this all depends on your personality..your probably a very boring and unintresting person. :I
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Maybe because you're depressed and have no self-worth. That's generally not attractive. Come on, have some confidence and be more approachable.
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