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Why I hate my mother ?
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Hey 34 yrs old lady.I hate my mom.bcos she was always abusive to she luvd my brother a lot. She always cursed me.humiliated me in front of my dad's friends.. she forced me to marry early age as amuch indian. I wasn't allowed to go out with friends. I was allowed to get education for good marriage proposal..nt for carrier I had to go to college there nrlt big college..after marriage she tried to control my life bt I didn't allow.. yes she was abuse for 23 yrs thn I got married. My husband is amazing person in every way.

Its being 12 yrs of marriage still I hate my mom. I can't stand her. She tries to control my brother's married life also..

Why I can't stop hating her.she makes me sick to death.
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She forced you to marry a wonderful man? Lucky
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Yes of course I hate so much my mom too
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