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Why is my ear always popping?
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For as long as i can remember everytime i chew gum and open my mouth wide enough my right ear will pop and it just keeps going. now i know waht your thinking but i always clean my ears not everyday granted its good to have a little wax in that normal?
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I think thats a question for your doctor to answer. You should get your hearing and eyesight checked every once in a while anyway.
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I get like that when I'm sick.
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It's completely normal...

It's the bodies way of evening out the pressure inside you're body, and outside.

That's why you're ears pop on an airplane, and It's best to chew gum too.

It's normal.
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Every time I yawn, chew or just open my mouth my ears pop. Totally normal. Now if you had would be a different story.
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I think it's a pressure equalization thing, too. Not to worry.
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