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Why won't my private message send?!
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I've been private messaging with someone on here for some time now and then all of the sudden last night it won't let me send messages.. I've tried exiting out, refreshing, I even turned off my phone and restarted.. Nothing is working. I've even tried logging in on a different phone and sending the message.. But it just won't send! It's not saying error or anything, it's just not!
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obviously blocked
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If the person your contacting doesn't have Gold Membership
that could the issue going on and yes you must have Gold
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Send a msg to the site owners maybe they can help you.
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I all of the sudden have IIN Gold now too. Could that be why?
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No idea I'm not a site admin.
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For pm conversations to happen, at least one of the members involved must have IIN gold.
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Also people can block you when you have Gold Membership
i would never get a Gold Membership on here unless they
made different rules with making the account where people
can also Moderate their own Gold Membership account that
means if someone is sending me bully, hateful messages on
here if I'm a Gold Member, i would like to be able to
remove them and Block them altogether on here and any
other account that comes after me with hate.
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