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Women's anus
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I'm a heterosexual male. I am very attracted to women's anus'. I much perfer the sight of a womans anus rather than the sight of her pussy. I don't find women's pussies repulsive. I like them altight, but I love their anus' so much more. If I had an opportunity where I could finger a woman's anus instead of f**king her pussy I'd take it. Is that normal?
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Here is a tip. It's been researched that 1 out of every four woman has had anal sex.
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do you mean that's why there are ONLY 6 billion people on the planet.
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Of course it's normal. Why do you think there are 6 billion people on the planet?
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yes its normal
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It is 100% normal
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Its normal, not common but normal.
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