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Worst friends ever! I think?
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My friends are not always the best... sometimes they poke my stomach. Or when they're mad they don't tell me what's wrong and when I have this other friend at our table in the cafeteria they say mean things about him to his face, when I asked them to stop one time at the table they told me if I don't like it then move to a different table. I have asked what they think of me and they both said "we think of you like a helpless kitten or a unpaid secretary." then they laughed and smiled. Is this healthy and normal?
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Comments (7)
Sounds like bullies. You're better off moving to a different table.
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Bitches. That is what they are. Find new friends. Now. Trust me, its for the best.
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That's not how friends behave: find yourself some real friends who treat others with respect, this lot are losers.
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you think that's bad?
My dad tried to set one of his friends on fire once. They're still good friend 20 years later though.
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Were they harshly bured?
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after my dad doused him with lighter fluid he woke up before dad could light the match, so he never got burned.
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Being comfortable with a friend is great, but not too comfortable to make harsh jokes on friend. It's impolite. And they will feel like they're the victims, if u tell them to cut it out.
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