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Is it normal that when I get angry, no matter if it's over something significant or not, I think about killing someone slowly. When I get angry all of my other emotions get completely blocked out. I noticed it's been getting worse recently. I'm not sure if this is because of my upbringing, single mother who had a drug addiction, whom I don't get along with at all, and no father. Most of the time, I like nothing more than being alone and I have very little patience for anything. The one thing I cannot take, gets me angry (want to kill), when someone thinks they're superior to me. I've never been bullied or abused or anything of that sort. I have no justification for wanting to kill someone and when I watch documentaries on serial killers I notice I usually have common thoughts and actions; I'm extremely intelligent (many are), want to be alone, have no compassion and not sociable. I only think about humans, I would never hurt an animal. Also, I used to be suicidal, I'm not anymore, but I still have no will to live. It's not that serious, and I'm more concerned about my anger issues. Overall, I am definitely not in a stable condition. Am I normal?
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You are intelligent enough to share your story which is an indication that you have great insight and want some form of help. Someone wise once said: "Whatever someone thinks of you is none of you business" which is another way of saying not to worry or get angry about someone thinking they are superior to you. The fact that you would never hurt an animal is positive and needs to be extended to your fellow man. Being slow to anger is the answer but is obviously easier said than done. You are probably more normal than you think, but you do say at the end of your story in your own words, your anger issue is your biggest concern. Remember, many people have done things the regret in anger, so be slow to anger and remove yourself from the situation or train of thought that leads you to that place. Practice patience or simply walk away. Find a hobby or something positive you enjoy to invest your energy into. Ultimately, Life is a precious gift, treat others how you would like to be treated.
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I will assume you are a women because all women are unstable. (Source: modern science). I'd suggest acting it out on a hobo first to see how it feels that way if you go through with it all then nobody will miss him.
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No I'm not a *woman* (fix your grammar). I'd suggest you stop leaving worthless remarks and assuming when I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with me.
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You need to get professional help before your anger and urge to kill takes over.
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