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Would someone who judges on coloured skin still not like an albino?
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If you do not know what an albino is I will explain it. I kind of really like the idea of albinos. You can have albinos of every race. It happens when someone is born and they can not produce pigment. This means they have pale white skin, blondish hair, and red/pink eyes. So if someone is suppose to be native Indian with dark brown skin they will be white for they are unable to produce any kind of pigment. If someone does not like a person based on whether they are colored would they feel the same about an albino of that race?
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Racists don't simply hate the skin color, they hate the ethnicity in general.
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That what I was wondering.
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I saw a documentary once about persecution of albino people in an African country, I think it was Tanzania. In these cases, the albinos were ethnically black and the persecutors were also ethnically black, so it wasn't racism but some sort of different prejudice.

Anyway, back to the question. I guess most people wouldn't know very easily what race you were unless they disclosed it, but they would still know because black albinos would still have thick lips and Asian albinos would still have epicanthic folds on their eyes, so it wouldn't be impossible to work out what race you were. So I would guess that if you were prejudice against (for example) black people, you would still be prejudice against black albinos.
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@: dom180
That sounds racist if the reason they were attacking them are the color of there skin. If they are attacking them for not being black enough.
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Racism isn't about skin colour alone, though. There are other differences between races beside skin colour (which I mentioned, like thicker lips in black people, epicanthic folds in Asian people and fairer hair in white people).

I think people who attack albinos in those countries usually believe they have some sort of magical powers which will transfer to them if they kill them, or that they are evil witches.
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Not if they have smokes.
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i don't agree "NN" they hate it all. well your wondering so my pick is yes they would.
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Well really they judge by color THEN nationality, but most of the time you could tell what nationality they are but it's harder with albinos! So probably yes and no!
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