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You can make 1 wish, and it will come true...
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What will it be?
And remember wishing that you can have as many wishes as you want is not allowed :p
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Comments (9)
I wish endless wishes were an option on your question. I wish all my relatives I ever loved were healthy and able to outlive me.
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I want my own dimension.
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I wish I could wish for more wishes, but phrase it in such a way to allow for more wishes.
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Wish for do-overs!
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I always felt we can earn the things we want somehow with hard work as long as it's realistic and within our means.
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my dream is to run my own preschool
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I wished to live a immortal life in a body that I had designed myself.
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To be able to resurrect people
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To have sex with whomever I want.
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