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Hi there has anybody here ever seen a bigfoot/yowie or signs of them . Or heard anything about them being around thanking you.
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Well, they've never thanked me, but my brother and I were harassed by them two nights in a row around Nelson BC.
Trees bent over, boulders moved and footprints friggin everywhere.
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@: Anewbis
True,were you camping there?did you see them,here them chattering,smell anything,were small rocks thrown? Thanks hey!
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Yes we were camping and cave exploring an old abandoned copper mine.
My border collie, (who would normally run circles around a bear), refused to leave the tent both nights and just lay there and shook.
In the morning there were boulders, that I estimate would have taken the two of us hours to create enough leverage to move, shoved sideways and an entire grove of saplings were the minors garden used to be all bent over in the same direction, and there were nests of hair in some of the caves.

There were crashing sounds around us for the entire two nights but since we were camped at the base of a small cliff we could have easily been killed if that was their intent.
I'm pretty good at tracking and in one spot I lost the prints entirely so I began to systematically circle the area were I saw the last one more and more widely until I saw where the trail picked up again... about twenty feet up the slope.

It was pretty awesome and I've narrowed it down to two possibilities.
Sasquatch, or a couple of good-ol-boys running around in painters stilts all night trying to scare us away from their grow-show.

Just wish I'd had a video camera.
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Are they real do you think?
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